Friday, August 5, 2011

Class IX, PAKISTAN STUDIES, "Natural Resources and Their Importance in National Development" "Short Questions Answers"

Q.1 Write down the kinds of Pakistan Soils?

A. Residual Soils: They are formed at the sites of origin when rocks and hills breaks. It is mostly unfit for cultivation.
B. Transported Soils; They are carried by various agents eg. Speedy water of streams, rivers and strong winds.

Q.2 Write down the soils of North Western Mountains Regions?

A. The colour is dark brown
B. It is capable for vegetation
C. They are found in Swat, Chitral and Gilgit.

Q.3 Write down the soil of Upper Indus Plain?

A. The colour is blackish.
B. It has high constants of calcium carbonate and less organic matter.
C. They are found in Attock, Lahore, Multan etc.

Q.4 Write down the soil of Indus Delta?

A. The colour is black.
B. The soil contains clay, under flood water condition saline loamy.
C. The soil is located in Indus Delta.

Q.5 Write down the soil of lower Indus Basin?

A. It has multiple colours.
B. It has lime stone, silt and clay.
C. It is found in North West of River Indus and South Eastern area of river Indus.

Q.6 Write down the agriculture forests?

A. Forests of North East.
B. Shrub Forests.
C. Balochistan hills forests.
D. The Tidal forests.

Q.7 Write the cool producing area in Pakistan?

A. PUNJAB: Pidh, Makarwal and Arokhat chala are imporatant cool producing recognised.
B. SINDH: Jhampir, Tharparkar are important cool producing organs.
C. NWFP: Koirata is an important cool producing regions.
D. Balochistan: Hornic and Ziarat are important cool producing region.

Q.8 Write the Gypsum producing areas of Pakistan?

A. Punjab: Mianwali and Jhelum.
B. Balochistan: Quetta and Sibbi.
C. N.W.F.P: Kohat.
D. Sindh: Dadoo.

Q.9 Write the four food crops of Pakistan?

A. Wheat
B. Rice
C. Maize
D. Pulses

Q.10 Write the cash crop of Pakistan?

A. Cotton
B. Sugar Cane
C. Tobacco

Q.11 Write down any four agricultural problems of Pakistan?

A. UN economic land holding
B. Scarcity of water
C. Soil Erosion
D. Lack of means of Transportation

Q.12 Write down four step which government have taken for the development of agriculture?

A. Establishment of Model forms
B. Increase irrigation facilities
C. Control over water logging and salinity
D. Use of communication media

Q.13 Write down the means of irrigation in Pakistan?

A. Wells
B. Tube Wells
C. Canals
D. Kareez

Q.14 Write down canal system of upper Indus valley?

A. The upper and the lower Jhelum Canals.
B. The upper and the lower Chenab Canals.
C. Thal Canal.
D. Warsak Dam Canal.

Q.15 Write down the canal system of lower Indus Valley?

A. Guddu Barrage Canal.
B. Sukkur Barrage Canal.
C. Kotri Barrage Canal.

Q.16 Write down the multipurpose dam in Pakistan?

A. Mangla Dam
B. Tarbella Dam
C. Kala Bagh Dam

Q.17 Write down the sources of energy in Pakistan?

A. Coal
B. Gas
C. Petroleum
D. Water (Hydroelectricity)

Q.18 Write down the names of four aritficial forest of Pakistan?

A. Jhelum
B. Mianwali
C. Dera Ghazi Khan
D. Changa Manga

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