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Class IX, PAKISTAN STUDIES, "Effects of Climate"

The Effect of Climate of Humans

Climate effects lives very much. The dress, way of living, food, professions, plays, customs adn economic life of any country dependes upon its climate and other conditions of weather. Pakistan is very vast in area so different regions differ a lot in their climate, due to this difference of climate the hobbies, professions and way of living of Pakistani people have a large difference.

Northern Mountain region and winter season

In the north it is too cold and the temperature falls below freezing point 0 degree C and some regions have snowfall. In these regions cold has effected the human and animal lives. In winter the growth of grass and other plants stops. Grass is pressed by ice. The leaves of trees falls and the region is covered with snow. At some places teh river and pond water also freezes.

The Activity of Work

In this intence cold people leaves their out a side works and has a stay in their houses. There is neither any play nor any bussiness due to blockage of passages by snowfall. The people here collect food and other things of need for themselves and their animals for this period. Most of the people of this, region go on plains during inter and come back in summer.

North Mountain Region and Summer Season

The condition here is changed by the arrival of summer. The regions become green by the growth of grass and trees. The weather become pleasant. The fountains of clear water and stream add to teh beauty of this region.

Activity of Work

There is a large activity in summer everywhere. People become busy in their work outside the house. Irrigation start and children young men are seen active in their work so that they become able to get their crops before winter. Trade and other bussiness starts. Everyone tries to save something for winter season.

Foreign Jobs

The people of these areas are hardworking, brave and strong. Because the jobs in the northern mountain areas are less so a large number of people not only do jobs in different parts of Pakistan but also in foreign countries. They not only earn their livings by hard work but also bring foreign exchange to Pakistan.

Jobs in Armed Forces

These people play active role in Pakistan Army due to their bravery and have won name in wars.

Heavy Dress

Because of intence cold, the people of this area wear heavy and silky dress.


There is vast plain area of Pakistan in the south of northern mountain region. The climate of this plain is very intense. It is very cold in winter and very hot in summer. Due to its intense kind of climate these people have much patience in the intencse heat the people of this region grow crops and trees. These people start their work early in the morning and work late till night.

Rest in the Afternoon

These people feel it necassary to take in the afternoon to become fresh.

Fruits and Crops

The soil and climate of these regions is suitable for cultivation, so crops are grown in both summer and winter. A large amount of fruit crops, grain is produced. Due to this the people of this area are prosperous.

Highly Populated Areas

These areas are highly populated. Means of transportation are abundant. Education and other necessities of life are available. Most of the people are farmers. Many people also do government jobs. The people of this region also do trade and jobs in industries.

People of Deserts

The southern parts which include Bahawalpur, Khanpur, Mianwali and Muzafargarh are desert like. These are very hot areas in summer. Storms come and mounds af sand change their place from time to time. People save them from heat by wearing thick clothes and hide their head with cap or cloth. The winter season is very short.
Journey in the Night
People do not travel in the daytime. They travel at night in the form of caravans and the bells of their camels can be heard.

Breading the Cattle

Cultivation is done in those areas where canal water is available. The other regions where there is little rainfall, ordinary grass and bushes grow. Here goats and cattle are bread. These people walk from place to place in search of grass and water.

Balochi People

The climate of regions of Balochistan Plateau is very intense. Winter is much cold and there is snowfall here. These people do the work of handicrafts while sitting in their houses in the winter. Balochi women are very expert in emboidery of glasswork. Some people leave this area in winter and return back in summer. The people of Balochistan wear loose clothes and use turban.

Irrigation by Karays

The regions of little rain are irrigated by water of heavy rain stored under ground house. These are called Karays. Because these houses are underground so they do not let water to absorb in the oil or evaporate.

Modern Steps

In regions where underground water is not available the government is making arrangments of tube-wells. The water of fountains is also saved from going waste. These steps have given benefits to certain areas for irrigation and cultivation. The cold and dry climate of this plateau is suitable for the growth of fruits.

Meadows and Green Regions

There is usually the shortage of water in regions of Balochistan. This is the reason that water of natural fountains and reservoirs is considered precious. The meadows and green part of this area are very important. The people pay special attention in breeding goat and cattle. They are brave, hardworking and intelligent.


Climate has also its effect on human profession. Agriculture is the main profession due to fertile lands of Punjab. The agriculture system is not good in some regions of Jhelum and Rawalpindi, therefore people of these areas prefer military jobs. Here military job is give importance. The people of coastal region are boatmen and fisherman. The people of the frontier do jobs for a short time due to intense cold and snowfall. Their women earn their livings by sewing clothes doing embroidery and handicrafts while the men migrate to different regions to do manual labour. The people of regions where grass and bushes grow breed goats and cattle. They deal in Cotton and do trade. Agriculture regions also progressing from industrial point of view.

Way of Living

Climate effects way of living very much. There is much work of wood in the construction of houses in the regions of heavy rainfall and roofs of these are made in the form of slopes in the lower parts of Sindh where moisture-laden airflows people have made their chambers. In karachi many story buildings are constructed according to its climate. In deserts people live in small tents. In this way, the way of living in Punjab, Frontier and Balochistan is different from each other.


Climate effects the dress of a region very much. In Punjab villagers use khaddar in winter and thin clothes in summer. People of Frontier due to intense cold wear long and thick clothes. They cover the head with turban. The people of Thar and deserts cover their head with turban and its one part is used to save the neck. In the same way Sindhi and Balochi wear particular dresses. The women of different regions wear different types of dresses.

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