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Class IX, PAKISTAN STUDIES, "Importance of Location of Pakistan" "Short Question and Answers"

Q.1 Describe the location of Pakistan?

A. It was situated in South Asia.
B. China was situated in North.
C. India is situated in East.
D. Afghanistan was situated in North West of Pakistan.
E. Arabian Sea is in the South of Pakistan.
F. Iran is situated in the South West of Pakistan.

Q.2 Write any four sentences regarding the importance of Pakistan?

A. The Middle East oil is supplied through Arabian Sea to all for east countries.
B. Pakistan is surrounded by entered Asian coutries and Middle east countries.
C. Pakistan is the only atomic power among the muslim countries.
D. Pakistan provides road, rail and air lines between east and west.

Q.3 Name the parts of the northern high mountains region?

A. The Himalayas
B. The KaraKoram
C. The Hindu Kush mountain Range.

Q.4 Write the parts of the western law mountains regions?

A. Swat Mountains.
B. The Koh-e-Safed Range
C. The Waziristan Hills.
D. The Suleiman Mountain Range.
E. The Kirthar Range.

Q.5 Write the three important peaks of Pakistan?

A. Trich Mir is situated in Hindu Kush range.
B. Godwin Austin (K2) is situated northern Karakoram mountains.
C. Takhte Suleiman is situated in Koh-e-Suleiman western mountain range.

Q.6 Write down four sentence about upper Indus Plant?

A. The plant is situated in the south of fool hill area of Himalayas.
B. Rivers Jhelum, Chenab and Indus flow through this region.
C. The plain depends on Canal irrigation as it gets low rainfall
D. Wheat, rice and cotton are grown in a large quantity.

Q.7 Write down four sentence about lower Indus Plant?

A. The soil is alluvial and fertile.
B. The river bed is rising up gradually.
C. It has a level land with a gentle sloap.
D. Wheat and Basmati rice are largely grown.

Q.8 Name the climate region of Pakistan?

A. Subtropical coastal region of low rain fall.
B. Subtropical content of low land region.
C. Subtropical continent high land region.
D. Subtropical plateau region.

Q.9 Write the decision of Pakistan on the basis of Temperature?
A. North and North Western mountains range.
B. Upper Indus Plan.
C. Lower Indus Plan.
D. Balochistan plateau and that desert.

Q.10 What are the atmosphere conditions of a place?

A. Temperature.
B. Rainfall.
C. Winds.
D. Humidity.
E. Pressure.

Q.11 Name the four factors which create air pollution?

A. Acidic rain.
B. Diffusion of metallic particles of lead. Mercury etc in the air.
C. Smoke emitted by industries and vehicles.
D. Increases of radio activity (elements atomic number greater than 82)in atmosphere.

‘Q.12 Write the factors responsible for water pollution?

A. Agrarian Pollution.
B. Industrial Pollution.
C. Pollution due to democratic use of water.

Q.13 Write the factors responisble for land pollution?

A. Water logging and Salinity.
B. Heavy developers action.
C. Excessive use of chemical fertilizers.
D. Excessive grazing of grass land.

Q.14 Write the difference between climate and weather?

A. Climate is the average of weather conditions of a place for a long periond (mostly ten years) while weather means the timely changes of physical conditions which occur in morning, daily or weakly in a short space of time.

Q.15 What steps shout be taken to control pollution?

A. Smoking emitting vehicles should be prohibited.
B. Animals and humans wasters should not be disposed off into the agriculture fields.
C. Electronic media should be used for the awareness of pollution.
D. Chemical waste should not be thrown into the rivers.

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