Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Class XI, ENGLISH, "A letter of condolence to your friend on the death of his mother"

My Dear Friend,

I am much grieved to learn from your letter about the sad demise of your dear mother. May her soul rest in eternal peace! It is indeed an irreparable loss. You have suffered much at so tender an age. But none can avert the decree of Fate. Therefore, my dear friend, have patience and learn to bear quietly your misfortunes.

How bitterly you father must be grieving over the loss! I pay to the Almighty that he may give all of you the strength and patience to bear the loss. I deeply condole with you upon this loss and bereavement.

Kindly convey my deepest sympathies to your father and other members of your family. I shall come to see you in a day or two.

Yours sincerely,

X. Y. Z

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