Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Class IX, PAKISTAN STUDIES, "Constitution" "Short Question and Answers"

Q.1 Write any four features of Objective Resolution.

1. Sovereignty belongs to Almighty Allah.
2. Rights of minorities were safeguard.
3. The Judiciary would be free and independent.
4. Fundamental rights of the citizens were guaranteed.

Q.2 Write any four features of constitution of 1956.

1. It was a written constitution.
2. No law repugnant to Quran and Sunnah can be enacted in the country.
3. President would be Muslim.
4. The parliamentary type of Government was suggested.

Q.3 Write Islamic processions of the constitution of 1952.
1. The name of the country would be Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
2. President would be Muslim.
3. The existing laws would be made Islamic in character.
4. No law against Quran and Sunnah would be acceptable.

Q.4 Write any four features of 1962 constitution.
1. It was a written constitution.
2. Unicameral Legislature was suggested. It means only one house known as National Assembly.
3. The President would be head of the state for five years.
4. Urdu and Bengali were recognized as National language.

Q.5 Write any four Islamic Provisions o the constitution of 1962.
1. The name of the state would be “Islamic Republic of Pakistan”.
2. Only a Muslim could become the president of Pakistan.
3. Teaching of Quran and Islamiat was made compulsory.
4. The president would appoint “Advisory Council of Islamic Ideology.”

Q.6 Write any four causes of fall of East Pakistan.

1. East and West Pakistan were situated at a great distance from each other.
2. The social structure of the two wings was different.
3. Both wings spoke different languages. Bengali was spoken in East Pakistan.
4. Bengali Hindu teachers teach though negative thinking to East Pakistani students.

Q.7 Write any four features of the constitutions of 1973.
1. The president must be a Muslim not less than 45 years of age.
2. The parliamentary form of Government was established.
3. The prime minister would be elected by the majority of the National Assembly.
4. Urdu was recognized as the National Language of Pakistan.

Q.8 Write the Islamic Provisions of the constitution of 1973.

1. The country was named “Islamic Republic of Pakistan”.
2. The President and Prime Minister should be Muslim.
3. All the laws were Islamized.
4. No law could be framed against the Islamic principles.

Q.9 What role should be played by a citizen o Pakistan for its development?

Ans. A good citizen should play the following duties for the development of Pakistan.
1. He should work hard for the economic growth.
2. he should be a patriotic citizen.
3. He should be well educated.
4. He should have pride to be called Pakistani citizen.

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