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Class IX, PAKISTAN STUDIES, "Forest and their Importance"

Types of Forests in Pakistan

Evergreen Forests

There are evergreen forests in northern and north-western parts of Pakistan, as these areas receive more rainfall. Beautiful scenes attract human beings. In this way forest are the means of beauty and attraction. These forest include deodar, firs, blue pine, spruce, chalghoza, oak, chestnut and walnut are also important. These are found in Murree, Mansehra, Abbotabad, Chitral, Swat and Dir Hardwood for the making of furniture is available from these trees.

Foot-Hill Areas Forests

Phulai, Kao, Jand, Acacia, wild olive, black berry etc are found in the foothill areas of these forests. The district of Peshawar, Mardan, Kohat, Attock, Rawalpindi, Jhelum and Guj rat are important in this respect.

Dry-Hill Forests

The dry-hill forests are found at altitude of about 900 to 3000 meters in Quetta and kalat division of Balochistan. Other than thorny forests Mazoo, Chaighoza and poplar are important trees.

Miscellaneous Forests

Some of the forests are found in Sukkur, Kotri and Guido. The forests department plants trees like mulberry, sum bal, dhrek and eucalyptus along the rivers, canals and railway lines.

Mangrove Forests

Mangrove forests are found along the coastline from Karachi to Kutch.

Importance of Forests

Forest plan an important role being a natural resource in the development af a country as explained below.

Slow Melting of Ice and Soil Erosion

Rain and snow in heavy quantity fall on the northern mountains of Pakistan. These areas are the main source of water of rivers. The forest also stop soil erosion as they slow down the speed of rainwater on the slopes of mountains. They also irrigate teh plains regularly.

Forest provide Fuel
Forest provide wood as fuel in place of coal. They also provide timber, firewood, gum and other useful things which are very important for the trade of country.

Pleasant Climate

Forest make the climate of an area very pleasant as they reduce heat and pollution.


Temperature is reduced by forests and air becomes moist. Rainfall in a region increases due to presence of forests.

Fertility of Soil

Forest keep the soil intact and soil fertility remains uneffected.

Stopage of sand and silt

Rivers carry huge amount of sand and silt that fill our dams and lakes and destroy hydroelectric power projects, the presence of forests stop the sand and silt.

Water Logging and Salinity

Forests are very useful in water logged and salinity effected areas. Trees absorbs water from the soil and lower water level of underground reserves. The forests ate useful in stopping of floods and safety of dams.


Forests promote tourism. There are many places in the northern and north-western mountainious areas of Pakistan. Which are covered with forests and known for recreations for the peoples.

Wild LIfe

Forests are very important for wild life. In forests animals of hunting are found from which we get meat. In this way forest are the source of the hunting and also act as places of recreation.


Forests provide employment to a large part of population in Pakistan.

Fruits and Fodder

Forests provide different kinds of fruits and fodder to animals.

Imporatant role in Economy

Forests plays an important role in the economy of Pakistan. About five million people are directly or indirectly engaged in this sector we can get building, wood from forests. This wood is used in building and also used in the preparation of furniture.


The herbs grown in forests are used for the preparation of medicines.

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