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Class IX, PAKISTAN STUDIES, "Important Canals of Pakistan"

Important Canals of Pakistan

River Indus, Jhelum and Chenab are the math sources of water for Pakistan. These rivers have maximum quantity of water during summer but minimum during winter season 84% of the total water flows in these rivers in summer.

The Canals of River Ravi

Upper Ban Doab and lower Ban Doab are two important canals of river Ravi. These canals are very important for the production of summer crops. The upper Bari Doab is and old canal which was constructed in 1868.

The Canals of River Chenab

The upper Chenab and lower Chenab irragate the area of Rachna Doab. The haveli system of canals is also located in this Doab that comes out from Trimmu Head Works.

The Canals of River Jhelum

Chaj Doab has two important canals i.e. upper Jhelum and lower Jhelum. These canals irrigate a large part of the Triple Canal Project and have increased agricultural production. These two canals along with lower Ban Doab link the three rivers i.e. Jhelum Chenab and Ravi.

The Canals of River Sutlej

There are three Head Works on river Sutlej i.e. Feroze-Wala, Sulaimanki and Islam, whereas fourth is on the Puhjnad. These canals irrigate the area of Nili Bar and Bahawalpur.

The Canals of River Indus

The canals from Jinnah Barrage near Kalabagh irrigate the desert area of Thar for agricultural purpose. Districts of D.G. Khan and D.I. Khan are irrigated by a link canal from Chashma barrage, Taunsa barrage and Guddu barrage also have canals which irrigate vast areas.

Following are imporatant canals from river Indus for NWFP.

1. The Canal of River Swat.

2. The Canal from Swat River Irrigates.

3. The Peshawar area.

4. The Warsak Project.

A project in the north west of Peshawar at Warsak is important for the local requirments of the region.

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