Friday, August 5, 2011

Class IX, PAKISTAN STUDIES, "Agricultural problems in Pakistan"

Old Types of Agricultural Instruments

In small field’s modern equipment cannot be used. Due to poverty we cannot use modern equipment. Tractors are not commonly used. We do not know much about modern equipments and scientific methods of agriculture hance production per acre less.


Our farmers should know about the modern research in the field and should adopt modern scientific methods of agriculture.

Lack of Agricultural Education

Due to lack of modern education, our farmers use old methods and equipments. They do not use new seeds and fertilizers.


Farmers should be educated through print and electronic media about agriculture.

Limited Area

The reason of less agricultural production is that our farmers have little amount of land. This is because the number of farmers is increasing with the increase in population.


The scattered pieces of land should be converted into big units.

Barren Land

There is very little rainfall in our country. It rainfall is in the time and enough we can get enough crops.


There should be introduced reforms in the system of irrigation. New canals should be dug.

Problems of Water Logging and Salinity

It is the major problem of Pakistan especially in certain parts of Sindh. Most parts of Sindh are suffering from this disease. According to an estimate about one lac acre land has become useless due to this problem.


There should be planned programmes on national level to reduce this danger.

Insects and Crop Disease

In our lands insects and crops diseases destroy plenty of our crops.


Pesticides should be sprayed at the proper time. There should be research work on drops to control these diseases.

Cutting Action on Land

It happens due to storms and heavy rainfall.


There should be special arrangements for this problem and chemical fertilizers should be used to enhance the fertility of the soil.

Inferior Seeds and Fertilizers

Our farmers are not familiar with the methods of preserving seeds and using the right amount of fertilizers.

Shortage of Money

Due to lack of money average production is much effected. Our farmers are under the influence of loans so they cannot give full intention to their props. They are always worried about the return of loans.


If our farmers get loan on less credit and on easy soft conditions.

Zamindara System

This system in Pakistan has many defects. Land owners hand over their land to tenant who do not take interest in producing more crops. They link that the main part of their crop will be taken by the owner of the land. This effects our average produce very badly.


Landlords should take interest in the bussiness. Tenants should be given proper profit and right.

Lack of Medical Facilities

Our farmers is often found suffering from certain medical problems. He is often offering from various diseases due to low standard of living.


There must be enough hospitals in the village from the farmers should get proper medical facilities.

Transportation Problems

By insufficient means of transportation farmers cannot bring their production to markets at the right time.


Means of transportation should be improved and go downs in a large number are being constructed.

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