Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Class IX, PAKISTAN STUDIES, "Important Characteristics of the Constitution of 1962"

Constitution of 1962

President Ayub Khan established a Constitutional Commission. This commission sent its recommendations. According to these recommendations a new constitution was prepared and enforced on 8th June, 1962 and Martial Law was finished.

The Main Features of 1962 Constitution

Following are the main features of constitution of 1962:

Written Constitution

The constitution was in written form and it constituted of 250 articles and 5 schedules.

Federal Constitution

The constitution was federal in nature.

Presidential Form of Government

Presidential form of Government was enforced instead of parliamentary system.

Islamic Issues

Various Islamic provisions were incorporated in the constitution i.e. sovereignty of Allah and exercises of power through the elected representatives of people. Pakistan was named as Islamic republic of Pakistan. It Head must be a Muslim as compulsory.

Basic Human Rights

People were given fundamental rights.

National Languages

Urdu and Bengali were declared the national language of Pakistan.

Failure of Constitution of 1962

In 1968-69 the political parties of the country started agitation against Ayub Khan and Presidential system, enforced parliamentary system and democratic constitution. This movement became much powerful within few months and there were agitations seen everywhere in the country. As a result of such situation on 25th March, 1969 President Ayub Khan resigned and transferred his powers to Commander in Chief Yahya Khan. He abrogated the constitution of 1962 and enforced Martial Law in the country.

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