Friday, August 5, 2011

Class IX, PAKISTAN STUDIES, "Importance of Location of Pakistan" "Fill in the Blanks"

1. Pakistan is situated in the continent of Asia.

2. Pakistan is an important country of South Asia.

3. Pakistan total area is 796096 sq.Km.

4. About 58% of the total land of Pakistan consists of mountains and plateau.

5. About 42% of the total land of Pakistan consists of plains and deserts.

6. Pakistan stretches from the coast of the Arabian Sea to the ranges of Himalayas and Karakoram.

7. The western and central areas of Pakistan are mountainious.

8. Pakistan is located between 23 degree north to 37 degree north latitude and 61 degree east to 77 degree east longitude.

9. China lies in the north of Pakistan.

10. Afghanistan and Iran are in the west of Pakistan.

11. India lies in the east of Pakistan.

12. The Arabian Sea is in the south of Pakistan.

13. There is 600 Km long territory of Pakistan along the border of China.

14. The permanent boder between the Afghanistan and Pakistan is called Durand Line

15. Durand line is about 2240 KM along with the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

16. In Karachi Bin Qasim and Gwadar are important seaports of Pakistan.

17. The Himalayas, the Karakoram and the Hindukush mountain ranges are in the Northern Mountain Range.

18. The name of one of Himalayan Range top mountain is Nanga Parbat.

19. The height of Nanga Parbat is 8,126 meters.

20. The average height of Karakoram Range is 7000 meters.21. K-2 is 8611 meters.

22. The Hindukush range lies in the North West of Karakoram Range.

23. Tirichmir is 7690 meters high.

24. Khyber Pass is situated in the South of river kabul.

25. Trade with Afghanistan is carried out through Kurrahi Pass.

26. Kohay Suleiman is in the South of river Gornal.

27. Kirthar Range is in the south of karakoram range.

28. The plain above Mithan Kot is called the Upper Indus Plain.

29. The region is the south of Mizhan kot to the Arabian Sea is called the Lower Indus Plain.

30. The Lower Indus Plain includes the most part of Sindh Province.

31. The area which is situated in Bahawalpur is called Cholistan.

32. The southern part of Sindh is called Thar.

33. The length of coastal plain of Pakistan is about 700 KM.

34. The area which consists of ridges, troughs basin plains and dissected plains is known as Plateau.

35. Kala Chitta and Margalla Hills are in the north of Pothohar Plateau.

36. The average height of salt range is 700 meters.

37. Pakistan is situated in the north of Tropic of cancer.

38. Pakistan is a Sub-Tropical country.

39. Sub-Tropical continental highland includes Pakistan’s northern mountain ranges, northwestern mountain ranges and the mountain ranges of Balochistan.

40. Sub-Tropical Continental Lowland includes the upper indus plain Punjab Province and lower indus plain Sindh Province.

41. Sub-Tropical Coastland includes the coastal areas of Sindh and Balochistan provinces.

42. Balochi women are very expert in embroidery of glasswork.

43. The people of Thar and deserts cover their head.

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