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Class IX, PAKISTAN STUDIES, "Important Power Resources"

Power Resources

1. Hydroelectricity
2. Thermal Electricity
3. Solar Energy
4. Atomic Energy

Hydro Electricity

Nature has provided suitable environment in Pakistan. To produce hydroelectricity environment is better for it. The northern and north western area of Pakistan are suitable for building of dams. We can produce hydroelectricity to create steep slopes in rivers and canals.

Best Example of Hydroelectricity

The best example is the Ghazi Barotha project in river Indus.

To Produce Hydroelectricity

Both public and private sectors have planned to increase the production of hydroelectricity in Pakistan.

Hydroelectricity Production

Pakistan’s total hydroelectricity production is 4963 Megawatt.Pakistan has the capacity of production of 30000 MW from its river Indus, Helium and Chenab.

Important Hydroelectricity Stations

There are three imporatant hydroelectricity stations working in Pakistan.

Tarbela Dam

This dam is situated on Indus River.

Production of Hydroelectricity

The Tarbela dam produces 70% of the total hydroelectricity production of Pakistan. Its installed generation capacity is 3478 MW.

Construction of Dam

The Tarbela Dam was constructed in 1976 and its cost was about Rs.18 billions. This dam is about 9000 feet long. The Tarbela is one of the biggest dams of the world.

Mangla Dam

This dam is located on Jhelum River.

Production of Hydroelectricity

This dam installed generation capacity of power is 1000 MW which is 20% of total hydroelectricity of the country.

Construction of Mangla Dam

This dam was constructed and completed in 1967 the height of this dam is 110 meters. This dam is made of concrete. This is second biggest dam in Pakistan.

Thermal Electricity

The Thermal power stations are generating electricity by gas, oil and coal in Pakistan.

Production of Thermal

The 49.8% of the total electricity is produced by the thermal power. The thermal power production is 4921 MW in Pakistan.

Power Stations

There are 13 thermal power stations working in Pakistan. The biggest station is working in Karachi this station generates 1756 MW. The second biggest station is working in Multan. It generates 260 MW.

Important Thermal Stations

Other important thermal plants are in Faisalabad, Kotri, Pasni, Guddu, Jamshoro, Muzaffargarh, Sukkur and Larkana etc.

Future Plans

A large number of projects have been planned to meet future energy requirments of Pakistan. This project is working rapidly. If this project work better than our country will make progress by leaps and bounds.

Solar Energy

The energy that we get from sun is called solar energy. The climate of Pakistan is extremely hot and dry. Pakistan is situated near the Tropic of cancer so the sun rays are vertical most of the year. These days are hot. That’s why the season of summer is longer than winter in Pakistan. The sun rises most time. We can use this energy to the maximum in life. This is the cheapest source of energy.

Use of Solar Energy

In Pakistan we have abundance of this energy but the important thing is the maximum use of it. This energy is used to operate small machines and motor in future the solar energy will become the biggest source of energy of the world because other sources of energy are costly and difficult to exploit.

Atomic Energy

Advance Sources

Atomic energy is the advance source of this world. Altough this source of energy is very sophisticated and multi disciplinary system. As the rapid growth of population sources are also increasing at the same rate. That’s why it is an important source of energy in developing coutries.

Pakistan is an Atomic Power

By the grace of Allah Pakistan has become a great Atomic Power. Pakistan has operated Atomic blasts in Chagi in Balochistan on 28 May 1998. Pakistan had to face many difficulties to achieve progress in the atomic program.

Nuclear Power Technology

Nuclear Power technology was introduced in Pakistan in 1971 when a plant of 136 MW capacity namely Karachi. Nuclear power plant (KANUPP) was installed. This plant has been operating safely for more than 31 years. In other important Cheshma nuclear power project is also working with the help of China. This has been connected to the national grid on June 13 2000. It has a gross capacity of 325 MW and is located near Cheshma Barrage on left bank of river Indus.

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