Friday, August 5, 2011

Class IX, PAKISTAN STUDIES, "Natural Resources and Their Importance in National Development"

Human Necassities

The life of human beings and other species have deep relation with earth. The earth provides everthing. Human beings need every thing in form of food, water or minerals. We get food from plants and trees. We get milk from animals. We get water from river and streams. These are resources which Allah (the almighty has gifted us.

Natural Resources

Plants, Trees, Minerals and Water which Allah has created are sufficient for human beings as well as animals. They are called natural resources.

Some Important Natural Resources

The natural resources are rivers, oceans, forests, minerals, fertile plains etc.

Importance of Natural Resources

Gift of Allah

Allah has gifted us with all kinds of resources. Pakistan has mountains, plains, deserts, rivers, fertile soil, ocean etc. Our country is rich in natural resources. Natural resources are necassary for National Development. Natural resources are very important for the development and prosperity of any county. The important thing is that low to utilize them for the welfare of the human beings and development of the country economically.

It is necassary to use the Natural Resources

The population of Pakistan is increasing rapidly. It is a very good sign that the people of Pakstan are working hard sincerely for the development of country and government is also working for the progess and prosperity of Pakistan. We should have to use the national and human resources to the maximum to develop our country so we can acheive an important position in the world.

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