Friday, August 5, 2011

Class IX, PAKISTAN STUDIES, "Backwardness of Industry in Pakistan"

Causes of Backwardness of Industry in Pakistan

Following are the causes of the lack of industrial progress in Pakistan.

(I) Industrial Policies of Different Governments

When new government takes over it disposes of all policies of previous government. Due to this our country faces great problems and causes lack of progress.

(II) Decrease in the Capital

Every industry wants a large number of capitals but due to lack of capital industry will not progress.

(III) Limited Markets

Limited markets are also the cause of lack of industrial progress.

(IV) Decreases in the Productive Capabilities of the Labour

When labour will works hard then any industry makes progress and production will also improve and increase. If labour will not work then industry will deteriorate.

(V) Lack of Means of Transportation and Communication

Communication plays an important and vital role in industry’s progress. If communication system is in disorder then our product is out of order. That’s why lack of communication and transportation also causes the industry failure.

(VI) Expensive Means

Expensive means of transportation and communication.

(VII) Lack of Technical Knowledge

If workers are not technical minded then our industry will not progress. Lack of our technical workers is the downfall of our industries.

(VIII) Shortage of Entrepreneurs

Because of shortage of entrepreneurs industry will not progress.

(IX) Lack of Education

Lack of political coordination and political stability is the cause of industry’s failure.

(X) Non-Availibility of Electricity

Non-Availibility of Electricity in many regions.

(XI) Common Load Shedding

Electricity plays an important role in Pakistan’s progress. Pakistan is not self sufficient in electricity that’s why common load shedding also causes failure in industry’s progress.

(XII) Economic Restrictions Imposed by Other Countries

An economic restriction imposed by other countries also causes failure of industry’s progress.

(XIII) Lack of Effective Exploration of the World Market

Lack of effective exploration of the world market also causes failure of industry’s progress.

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