Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Class IX, PAKISTAN STUDIES, "Important Characteristics of the Constitution of 1956"

Constitution of 1956

The Legislative Assembly prepared first Constitution in 1956 which was enforced on March 1956. At that time Chaudhry Mohammad Ali was the Prime Minister. This constitution remained in action till 7th October 1958.
Important Features of the Constitution of 1956

Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Pakistan was declared as an Islamic Republic.

Federal Parliamentary System

Federal Parliamentary system was introduced in the country.

Sovereignty of Allah

It was affirmed that all powers belong to Allah and exercised through the elected representatives.

Lives According to Islam

People were provided necessary environment to lead their life according to Islam. Minorities were guaranteed full religious freedom.

Citizen Right

Full civic rights were guaranteed to citizen.

Independent Judiciary

Judiciary was guaranteed an independent work. Judges were given security of services.

Urdu and Bengali as National Languages

Urdu and Bengali were declared as national languages under the 1956 constitution.

Written Constitution

1956 constitution was written in home.

Abrogation of the Constitution

1956 constitution was approved after hard work of nine years but due to multiple reasons it did not last for long in October 1958 constitution was abrogated. Commander in Chief of Pakistan Army General Mohammad Ayub Khan imposed Martial Law by dissolving the cabinet and Federal Legislature. He assumed the office of President and Martial Law Administrator.

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