Saturday, August 11, 2012

Class XI, Principles of Economics, "Dangers of Money"

Dangers of Money

Money has proved dangers in several ways

1. Economic Instability

Some economists of the view that money is responsible for economic instability. When there was no money, saving was not divorced from investment. Those who saved also invested. But in a monetised economy, saving is done by certain people and investment by some other people. Hence, it does not follow that saving and investment should be equal. When savings in a community exceeds investments, then national income output and employment decrease and the economy is engulfed in depression.

2. Danger of Over-Issue

The main danger of money lies in its liability of being aver issued. The over issue of money may result in inflation. Excessive rise in prices hits hard the consuming public. It endangers speculation and inhibits productive enterprises. It adversely effect distribution of income and wealth in the community so that the gulf between the rich and poor widens.

3. Economic Inequalities

Money has proved to be a very continent tool for amassing wealth and exploitation of the poor by the rich. The misery and degradation has gone to a great extant after the existence of money.

4. Moral Depravity

Money has weakened the moral fiber of the man. The social evil like corruption has proved to be a soul-killing weapon. As said by an eminent German economist Von Mises

“Money is regarded as the cause of theft and murder”.

Money is itself is not bad, but its possession or debt facilitates corruption and crime.

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