Saturday, August 11, 2012

Class XI, Principles of Economics, "Functions of Trade Unions"

Functions of Trade Unions

Trade unions perform a number of functions. Some of them are classified in these main groups viz:
1. Militant Function
2. Fraternal Functions
3. Political Functions

1. Militant Function

The main function of a trade union is to fight for the basic rights and interests of its members. In doing this they offer the following benefits to the labour.

Job Security

For achieving this objective seniority rights of the workers, control over hiring of labour, grievance procedure for handling cases of discharge etc is used as devices.

Improving Conditions of Work

Trade unions put a pressure on the employers to provide workers with better conditions of work, sufficient recreation facilities, standardized hours of work etc.

Limitation of Output

If a given number of labours produce more than what they ought to be employed for, trade unions make sure for a standardization plan. Hence the output per worker is standardized.

2. Fraternal Function

Fraternal function consists of mutual help for the welfare of the workers. Under this content the trade unions perform the following functions.

Professional Training

Trade unions arrange for education and professional training opportunities training opportunities for their workers and also assist them in improving their efficiency and skill.

Source of Information

Trade unions serve as a source of information for the workers. The workers are guided and advised by the trade unions. Their leaders defuse information by organizing meetings of the workers.

Insurance Facilities

The trade unions also arrange for insurance facilities against risks, accidents etc. they make the workmen compensation act followed in this regard.

3. Political Functions

Many trade unions fight elections to the rights. In many countries strong; labour parties have grown up and in England especially there has been the government in the hands of labour party many times. The trade unions influence the labour party of the government and often clench some labour seats in the legislature.

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