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Class IX, PAKISTAN STUDIES, "Role of N.W.F.P in the Establishment of Pakistan"


North West Frontier Province is an important province of Pakistan. Its capital is Peshawar. Famous Khyber Pass is situated in this province. Foreign invaders entered sub-continent through this pass. It is an historical passage. Khushal Khan Khattak and Rehman Baba are the most famous poets of this province.

Facing Difficulties

Frontier is the province of Muslim majority. But Muslim League had to face many difficulties and problems while establishing it here. This difficulty was due to the leaders that were under the influence of Congress and they favoured its policies. Among such leaders Sarhadi Gandhi Abdul Ghaffar Khan was at the top of the list. In this province, Congress had the ministry that opposed the movement of Muslim League.

Organization of Muslim League

Muslim League slowly made its strong hold there under the leadership of the Quaid. Muslim League began to become popular in Frontier after passing Pakistan Resolution in 1940. Muslims of this area began to join Muslim League. Congress in this province started making false cases against the Muslim Leaders to torture them and locked them in jails. But they did not lose their courage. The struggle of Muslim League after 1945 became active. Among the leaders which contributed a lot are Khan Abdul Qayyum Khan, Peer Sahib Zakori Sharif and Peer Sahib Manki Sharif.

Demand for Pakistan

In February, 1947 Muslim League started the Non Co-Operative Movement against the Congress. Provincial Government gave hard tortures to Muslim League workers but it could not stop the Muslim League movement. Instead, it began to spread in the whole province. Provincial government began to be hated everywhere in the province and meetings of Muslim League began to be held in favour of separate homeland. In his way it was proved that the people of Muslim League were in the favour of Pakistan.

Conflict between Muslim League and Congress

On 3rd June, 1947 British government accepted the demand of Pakistan and declared that the future of Frontier will be decided by vote. So the Muslims stopped Non-Cooperation Movement. Muslim started convincing the people to give vote for Pakistan. On the other hand Congress started movement against Pakistan and raised a slogan of Free Baluchistan.

Joining Pakistan

The people of Frontier voted in favour of Pakistan in a large majority. In this way Frontier became the part of Pakistan and the Muslims of Frontier got their independence.

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