Monday, July 11, 2011

Class IX, BIOLOGY, "Methods of Food Preservation"


This method was discovered by famous biologist, Louis Pasteur. By this method milk is prevented from turning sour. In this process, milk is heated to 71 C for a few seconds and then cooled rapidly. This kills most of the bacteria. The bacteria which survive this treatment may become retarded in growth. In this way, the milk is preserved for a few days.


In this methods, food is kept at very low temperature usually below freezing point. It retards the action of enzymes and the growth of bacteria. In deep freezers food can be preserved for many years. Quick freezing helps to maintain the taste and texture of meat, fruit and vegetables.


In this method food is dried. Such food can be kept safe for a long period at normal temperature. Bacteria do not grow without water, therefore when water content is removed from meat and vegetables, they can be preserved for long durations. Pickling of food is another common indigenous technology in which taste and texture of pickled food is maintained for long.


In this method the food is first heated at a high temperature. This kills bacteria and destroys enzymes. Then, the food is sealed in a metallic container. In this way; food becomes safe from contamination. Metallic cans are usually lacquered to prevent food from chemically reacting with metals and producing toxic substances

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