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Class IX, PAKISTAN STUDIES, "3rd June Plan"

3rd June Plan and Lord Mountbatten

Lord Mountbatten became the viceroy of India in March 1947. He tried his best to keep India United but of no avail. He concluded that there was no solution to Indian problems except partition of it.
3rd June Plan and the Creation of Pakistan

On 3rd June 1947 the viceroy announced the partition plan in a joint conference of Congress and Muslim League leaders in Delhi. The plan came to be known as 3rd June Plan. Some important points of the plan were as under:

The Indian Independence Bill 1947

Power would be given to Pakistan by 14th August 1947. This bill was passed and came to be known as Independence Bill 1947.

Separate Session

A clause was incorporated in the 3rd June Plan that separate session of Muslim and Hindu Members of the Assemblies of Punjab and Bengal would be held to decide whether their provinces were in favour of the partition, and how it would take place.

New Boundaries

the new boundaries of these provinces would be decided by a commission.

Sindh Assembly

Sindh Assembly would decide the future state of the province through the majority of volte. Sindh Assembly voted for Pakistan.

People of N.W.F.P and Sylhet

The people of N.W.F.P and Sylhet would decide their status through a referendum. N.W.F.P and Sylhet also decided to join Pakistan.


The viceroy announced the plan on 3rd June 1947. According to the plan it was decided to transfer the power on the midnight of the 14th and 15th August 1947 instead of 3rd June 1947.

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