Friday, July 1, 2011

Class IX, ENGLISH, "Responsibilities of a Good Citizen"

Question and Answers

Q.1 Where did men live in early days?

Ans. In the earlier days men lived in caves like animals. Their lives were difficult and each of them lived by himself and for himself.

Q.2 Why did they begin to live together?

Ans. They began to live together in order to had a safer and better life.

Q.3 What happened when society grew larger?

Ans. In the early societies their were only farmers, weavers, cobblers, masons and soldiers. As society grew larger and as men became more civilized many professions and occupation develop. Hence, today we have doctors, teachers, engineers, artist, writers, policemen and a host of other owrkers who all do something for their fellow-men.

Q.4 What should a trader do?

Ans. A trader should not sell substandard goods and should work honestly and fairly.

Q.5 What should a milkmen do?

Ans. A milkmen should not mix water in the milk.

Q.6 If someone is dishonest, what does he teach others?

Ans. If someone is dishonest, he teaches others to be dishonest too.

Q.7 How does a bad citizen deserved to be treated?

Ans.A bad citizen should be punished, he should be treated in the same way in which he treats others.

Q.8 What is our duty to our country?

Ans. Our duty to our country is to under stand the problem faced by our country. We must cooperate with our Government in solving these problems. It is our duty to be loyal and patriotic to Pakistan and follow its laws, to pay the taxes honestly and promptly.

Q.9 How important are our neighbour to us according to the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H)?

Ans. According to Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) our neighbours are as important as our brothers.

Q.10 What must we do to be good Muslim?

Ans. We must be good, honest and dutiful citizen in order to be a good Muslim.

Q.11 What are the problems that Pakistan are facing? What has our government done to solve these problems?

Ans. problems facing Pakistan are poverty and illiteracy.
The government of Pakistan have started many programs to solve these problem. These are program for rural development, illiteracy and adult education, health, sanitation and social welfare and population planning. Education centre, family and social welfare and population planning centres have been setup throughout the country.