Saturday, July 2, 2011

Class IX, ENGLISH, Composition, "A Street Accident"

I read about road accidents in newspaper every day. They bring agony to our mind and also to the relatives of victims, but till the day I had not seen an accident with my own eyes. By God what a terrible sight it was!

It was in the short hour of one evening I was going along Burns Road to buy a pen for my examination which was going to commence next week. At Denso Hall I was waiting for the traffic to clear off so that I could safely cross the road. A bus was also running along the road and it was trying to overtake a private car a head of it. All of a sudden driver lost the control of steering and rammed against a horse carriage. The driver of the hackney carriage fell down and the bus crushed him. The passengers in the hackney carriage escaped death with some injuries. The horse was also badly wounded and it was looking for his master. The injured were rushed immediately to a nearby hospital.

People gathered at the scene of accident. Some showing sympathy for the victim, some abusing the bus driver and some advising others to be very careful while on a road.
I left the scene with a sorrowful heart for the driver of the carriage who unfortunately lost his life in that accident.

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