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Class IX, PAKISTAN STUDIES, "Constitution"

QUESTION – 1: What is Constitution? Write the importance of constitution.


Constitution is the supreme law of any state. Every state has its own constitution. Constitution describes the basic structure of state, its organs, legislature, executive and judiciary and their internal relationship.
Need For A Constitution

There are the following points for the need of a constitution.

  • It is necessary for every country.
  • It provides leadership to manage the government affairs.
  • It is the basic law of any state as every state has its own constitution.
  • It describes the basic structure of state, its organs, legislature executive and judiciary and their internal relationship.

Austin’s Definition

Austin describes the definition of Constitution in such a way;

“The form of law which describes the basic structure of state is called constitution.”

Importance of Constitution

The Importance of Constitution can be stated as under:

Supreme Law

Constitution is the supreme and essential law of every state, which cannot be forgotten.

Basic Law

Constitution is the basic law, collection of laws and traditions of any state which cannot be forgotten.

Constitution As A Law

Every individual and institution is subordinate to the Constitution of the country.

Serious Crime

It is the duty of every person to obey the constitution because violation of constitution is a serious crime.

Loyalty To the Constitution

Every Government must follow the constitution and remain loyal to it.

Government’s Duty

Every government performs its duties and functions within constitutional limits.

Basic Object

Constitution defines the basic objective and priorities of the government.

Reflect the Emotions

Constitution reflects the emotions and feelings of the people.

State Policy

Policies and the laws of the state are made in the light of the constitution.

Absence May Cause Chaos and Confusion

Because of absence of constitution it may cause chaos and confusion in the state.

Power and Functions of the Government

Powers and Functions of three important organs of Government are defined in the light of constitutions of the country.

Check the Monopoly

Constitution may check the monopoly of Governmental institutions or agencies.

Protect the Right of the People

Constitution may protect the right of the people and people are equal before law.

Main Object of Creation of Pakistan

Pakistan came into being in the name of Islam. So the people of Pakistan can lead their lives according to the basic principles of Islam.

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