Friday, July 1, 2011

Class IX, ENGLISH, "Abou Ben Adhem"

Central Idea

This poem Abou Ben Adhem is written by an English poet James Henry Leigh Hunt. The central idea of this poem is that God love those who loves their fellow men. Love of fellow men is the best type of worship. Abou Ben Adhem’s name was top of the list of those, who love their fellowmen.

Question and Answers

Q.1 Where was Abou Ben Adhem? And what was he doing?

Ans. Abou Ben Adhem was sleeping in his bedroom.

Q.2 What did he see in his room? What was the angel doing?

Ans. Abou Ben Adhem room was not lit but in the bright light of the moon and within his room he saw an angel writing in the book of gold.

Q.3 What did Abou asked the angel?

Ans. Abou asked the angel what was he writing in the book of Gold.

Q.4 What did he ask the angel the second time?

Ans. Abou Ben Adhem asked the angel time if his name was listed in the list of those who love God.

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