Monday, July 11, 2011

Class IX, PAKISTAN STUDIES, "Resources of Pakistan" "Fill In The Blanks"

1. Ideology is a ________ word. (French)

2. ______ is a product of great and influential minds or divine guidance. (Ideology)

3. Unicty of Allah is the basic element of _____________. (Islamic Ideology)

4. ______ has the sovereignty in Islamic State. (Allah)

5. ______ is a financial worship. (Zakat)

6. ______ is obligatory on every Muslim once in life time. (Hajj)

7. _________ means brotherhood. (Fraternity)

8. ______ has a complete code of conduct. (Islam)

9. Common religion and common culture are the contents of _______. (ideology)

10. Fraternity and tolerance are the principles of __________. (Islamic Society)

11. _______, faith and culture are the characteristics of Islamics society. (Equality)

12. The sources of Islamic Society are the Holy Quran and ________. (Sunnah)

13. Allama Iqbal presented the idea of separate Muslim state on __________, at Allahabad. (30 December 1930)

14. Lahore resolution was later named as ____________. (Pakistan Resolution)

15. _______ is the arrangement of things at their correct place. (Justice)

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