Saturday, July 2, 2011

Class IX, ENGLISH, Composition, "My Aim in Life"

Every one has an aim in life but those who do not have are dull souls and they curse their life for all time. In other words we can say a person without an aim in life is like a car without a driver. People have different aims in life. Some aspire to become rich, some like to become doctor, engineers, business men, executives in a big company, banker, lawyer, musician, artist and so forth.

I desire to lead a life different from others. I don’t crave fro wealth not like to serve people as doctor or like who say that they want to become a teacher and spread light and knowledge.

My ambition in life may sound odd to you. I like to become a comedian. It is not an easy task to become a comedian. Only one person out of million can become a good comedian. People in our country belonging to different class and age live a very depressed life. All have problems and they give me a gloomy look. I I can become a comedian and make my people cheerful or bring some happy moments in their sad life.

I think I would have really rendered great service to my nation. After Lehri, we have two such people like Moen Akhter and Omer Sharif in our country who made sad people’s life cheerful. I always dream to become a great comedian and pray to God to help me fulfill my goal in life.

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