Friday, July 1, 2011

Class IX, ENGLISH, "The Guddu Barrage"

Question and Answers

Q.1 How have rivers served men?

Ans. Rivers have served men in the following ways:
They have served as trade route before the road and railways were constructed people carried on trade by boats and ships.
Since rivers have water in abundance man through digging cannals to obtain water
from river for irrigation.

Q.2 What is a barrage? What purpose does it serve?

Ans. A barrage is a kind of a well which blocks the flow of water. It has gates, through which the water is allowed to pass in a limited quantity.
Its aim is to control the flow of water in the flood seasons and store it in such a manner that the canal get water through out the year. In this way, farmers can be given water for their fields. Life and property canals can be protected from flood by stopping the flow of water.

Q.3 Why were most of the town in ancient times build near rivers?

Ans. Most of the towns were built near river because river played very important role in the life of man. They have served as trade routes from the earliest time, trade was earned by boats and ships along rivers.

Q.4 What are the benefits of Guddu Barrage?

Ans. The Guddu Barrage is built on the river Indus. We get benefit from the Guddu Barrage in the following ways:
1. It control the flow of water in the flood season and in this way life and property can be protected from floods.
2. It stores water in such a way that the canal can get water through out the year and the farmers can give water to their fields according to their needs.
3. The seven meter wide road over the barrage has reduced the road distance between Lahore and Quetta and between Rahimyar Khan and Kashmore.

Q.5 Name the main canals built on the Guddu Barrage?

Ans. Guddu Barrage has a system of three main canals. Two on the right bank and one on the left.
1. Begar Sindh Feeder.
2. The Desert Part Feeder on the right bank of Guddu Barrage.
3. The Ghotki Feeder of the left Bank

Q.6 What areas of Sindh are irrigated by Guddu Barrage?

Ans. Guddu Barrage irrigated 2.7 million acres. Most of the acres ies in Sukkur and Jacababad District Sindh.

Q.7 What are the two problems posed by rivers?

Ans. River posed problems such as:
1. How to get the water from the river through out the year.
2. How to escape the fairy of floods.

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