Monday, July 11, 2011

Class IX, BIOLOGY, "Lipids"


Lipids are obtained from two sources:

Animal Sources

Ghee, butter, cream, animal fat and fish oil.

Plant Sources

Oils from mustard, olives, coconut, maize, soya beans, sunflower and peanuts.

Importance of Lipids

1. The use of fat rich products increase in winters because they provide double the amount of energy as compared to carbohydrates.

2. They provide 9000 cal/gm energy to the body.

3. In plants fats are stored in seeds, and in animals, they are found beneath the skin and around the kidneys where they are not only stored but also protect these parts.

4. They provide materials for building new protoplasm and cell membrane.

5. Some fatty acids are essential for man.

6. Saturated fats (animal fats) should be used with, great care in our diet as they lead to rise in the cholesterol level, which accumulates in the blood vessels, and thus affects the flow of blood in the arteries This can result in heart attack.

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