Friday, July 1, 2011

Class IX, ENGLISH, "Health is Wealth'

Question and Answers

Q.1 Why did Kashif’s father refused to buy sweets from the first shop?

Ans. Kashif’s father refused to buy sweets from the first shop because flies were sitting on them and so they were not good for health.

Q.2 What do dust and flies carry?

Ans. Dust and flies carry hundreds of germs and they are enemies to our health.

Q.3 How are diseases caused?

Ans. Diseases are caused by germs.

Q.4 What are germs?

Ans. Germs are the smallest living things. They cannot be seen with the naked eye. You can see them through a microscope. These germs are harmful to our health.

Q.5 How do flies carry germs to food?

Ans. Flies sit in dirty things, these are germs on these things and they stick to the flies legs when these flies sit on water or our food. The germs they are carrying stick on it, and when we eat that food they enter our bodies and thus we fall ill.

Q.6 How do we get Malaria?

Ans. We get malaria from a kind of mosquitoes which lives in stagnant water.

Q.7 How can we get rid of Malaria?

Ans. We can get rid of Malaria by not allowing any kind of stagnant water near the house. The last matter to getting rid of a mosquito is to spray kerosene oil or D.D.T to kill the mosquitoes before they are big enough to be harmful.

Q.8 Why was the second shop dirty? or Why did Kashif’s father refused to buy sweets from the second shop?

Ans. The second shop was dirty because the sweets in the shop were covered with a layer of dust, below by a men sweeping the road by the shop.

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