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Class IX, ENGLISH, "Stopping by Woods"

Stanza No. 1

Word Meanings

Woods – Forest

Question and Answers

Q.1 What kind of scene does the poet describe in this stanza?

Ans. The poet describes a scene in winter where the forest is covered with snow.

Q.2 What season it is?

Ans. It is the winter season.

Q.3 Why does the poet stop?

Ans. The poet stopped to watch the wood filled with snow.

Q.4 Why does the poet use so many words?

Ans. The does this, so to produce poetic effect.

Stanza No. 2

Word Meanings

Queer – Strange
Frozen – Become ice

Question and Answers

Q.1 On what is the poet riding?

Ans. The poet is ridding on a little horse.

Q.2 Why does the horse think it strange to stop there?

Ans. The horse thinks its strange to stop there, because there is no farm house, which is the usual stopping place for a carriage.

Stanza No. 3

Word Meanings

Harness – Straps fixed on horse
Sweep – Quick move
Flake – Light pieces of snow

Question and Answers

Q.1 What are the harness bells?

Ans. Harness bell are bells attached to the leather strap, which is fixed on horses.

Q.2 Why does the horse shake his harness bells?

Ans. The horse shakes its harness bells, meaning to asked his master the poet whether they have stopped at the among place.

Q.3 What other sound alone can be heard where the poet is standing?

Ans. The other sound which can be heard are the cold winds blowing lightly and the snow falling.

Stanza No. 4

Question and Answers

Q.1 Why can’t poet wait to enjoy the beauty of the woods?

Ans. The poet can’t wait to enjoy the beauty of the woods because he has other urgent business to attend to.

Q.2 Why does he repeat the third line?

Ans. The poet repeats the third line to show the regrets he feels at not being able to enjoy the beauty of the forest filled with snow.

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