Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Class IX, COMPUTER, "Data Processing"

Data Processing

Data processing often referred as D.P is a process of collecting the data together and converting the data into information. The method used for collecting the data may be manual, mechanical or electronic.
Data processing is a term mostly associated with business and commercial work. Since computers are being used in the processing of data the term “electronic data processing” may also be used.

Electronic Data Processing

Data processing means transformation of data into more meaningful results for carrying out scientific, business activities. The result of data processing is called “information”. The transformation of data consist of a sequence of operations. The sequence is called “procedure”.
Input -> Processing -> Output
Data processing is a system which takes data as an input, carries out the required processing on the data and produces the information. The system is called “MANUAL” when processing is performed by human beings and “AUTOMATIC” when machines are used. When computers are used for data processing the system is called “Electronic Data Processing”.

Elements of EDP

There are five basic elements in a processing system which uses a computer for processing data. These are hardware, software, user program, procedure and personnels.


All the physical parts which makes up a computer system called hardware i.e. all the devices or peripherals which performs the data processing operations.


Software consists of programs and routines whose purpose is to make the computer useable for the user. These software normally supplied by computer manufacturers or software manufacturers.


A program consist of a related instructions to perform operations. A data processing job may require a number of programs.


The operations of data processing system requires procedure for use, in preparing data, for operating the computer and distributing the output after processing.


E.D.P basically needs three kinds of skilled personnels.

a) System Analyst
b) Progammer
c) Operator


System Analyst studies information needs and data processing requirements, design a data processing system and prepare specification.


A Programmer writes a programmer on specification by System Analyst.


An Operator is a person who operates the computer system.

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