Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Class XI, ENGLISH, Summary, "My Bank Account"


My Bank Account is written by Stephen Leacock. He is one of the most popular mockers and article writer. His witty articles are the best example of sardonic Mockery. The most of his stories like Brown Eyes, Freedom Cost, Behind the Table are written in first person style.

“CONFIDENCE WITH FEAR LEAD TO MOCKERY.” ___________________________________ Stephen


Our author had a particular kind of fear about banks. Every time he entered a bank, to do business, he felt awfully frightened. The author was afraid of banks but he had to go to a bank, as he received a raise in his salary. As he entered the bank his fear overlook him. In this panic, the author made number of stupid mistakes. He entered the bank and demanded to see the manager alone. The author was taken to a private room. The manager was convinced that the author was millionaire who wished to deposit millions of dollars. But the manager was very upset, when he learn that the author wanted to deposit, fifty six dollars and that he would deposit fifty dollars every month. Quite obviously the manager was irritated and directed him to the accountant, so that his account could be opened, which was duly done. After having deposited fifty-six dollars. The author wanted to withdraw six dollars for his current use. In his nervousness, the author made a blunder. Instead of writing a cheque for six dollars he had written fifty-six dollars. The accountant looked at him in astonishment and asked if he wanted to withdraw all his money. The author realized his mistake, but wanted to cover up his stupidness. So he replied he wanted to draw all his money. Author was feeling miserable and he want to rush out of the bank sooner than he received his money, he rushed out of the bank as he did so, a loud burst of laughter went up, to the roof of the bank.