Monday, July 20, 2009

Class XI, ENGLISH, Character, "The Count of Morcerf"


The Count of Morcerf is presented as the villain of the play, The Count’s Revenge. Prior to becoming a Count, he was a fisherman. He was then known as Fernand Mondego. At that point of time, he lived in Marseilles. He had a friend, Edmond Dantes, who was a sailor. Fernand was quite friendly with him. Edmond was engaged to a beautiful Catalan girl, Mercedes. This fact was known to Fernand. But being an evil natured man, he secretly yearned to marry Mercedes. Therefore, to make his dream come true, he hatched a plot – the most diabolic, which any man could have hatched, against any man.

A Rogue And A Rascal

He is out and out a rogue and a rascal. In order to win the hand of Mercedes, he framed a false charge against his friend, Edmond in the court. He proved that Edmond was the spy of the exiled Napoleon Bonapart. He provided false evidences against Edmond and thus got him imprisoned for 20 years. In this way, he very cleverly removed the innocent Edmond, out of the way.

A Mean And Degraded Man

Once Edmond Dantes had been taken care of Fernand had little difficulty in trapping Mercedes into his trap. He first convinced Mercedes, of the death of Edmond by publishing the false news of his death in the newspapers. Then appearing as a friend and a sympathizer her first consoled her. And after wining her confidence, he then proposed to marry her. Being heart-broke and lonely, she accepted his offer. Thus, the evil monster, succeeded in his devilish plan.

A Traitor To His Country

Having accomplished all his plans successfully, he decided to settle down in Paris. So, he said good bye to Marseilles. While in Paris, he joined the Army, and after sometime, became a captain in 1822. The French were at war against the Turks. Fernand as Captain was defending the Fortress of Yanina. Being a coward and a mean person, he surrendered the fortress to the Turks on receiving a huge bribe. He however made it appear as though he got defeated. Having acquired tons of wealth, Fernand took his discharge from the Army. He then took the title of the Count and settled in Paris.

As A Liar And A Wicked Person

Having amassed a huge fortune, the count started living like a lord when he is proved as a traitor in the chamber of Deputies, he still kept denying his charges. Even in the face of sound evidence, he kept denying his guilt. He is a liar and a rogue.

A Violent Death

After he is proved a traitor, he is still not remorseful. When he is face to face with Edmond, he pulls out his pistol to shoot him. But Albert, Beauchamp pounce on him, to snatch the pistol from him. In the struggle the pistol goes off and the Count of Morcerf, shoots himself. Thus Monte Cristo is avenged.