Monday, July 20, 2009

Class XI, ENGLISH, Character, "Albert"


Albert is a young French nobleman. He is the son of the Count and the Countess of Morcerf. A man of great character, to whom honour and self-respect are of great value. He possesses a very pleasing personality and is very enthusiastic about life.

Simple And Noble

Albert is very simple by nature. He is unable to discern Monte Cristo’s intentions in becoming so thick with him. He has all the noble qualities, which a nobleman values. To him, his honour and his family’s good name are more dear to him, than life itself.

Sentimental Young Man

Albert is a very sentimental young man. When the Chamber of Deputies condemns his father, the Count of Morcerf as a traitor, he is very upset. He narrates to his mother, the Countess, the circumstances in which his father is disgraced. He felt so ashamed that he wanted to give up his name and to leave the country. He is so upset that he makes up his mind to take revenge of his father’s enemy.

A Man Of Honour

Albert is a man of honour. When he discovers that his own dear friend, Monte Cristo, is his father’s enemy, he challenges him, to a duel, for the sake of his family honour.

Wise And Bold

Although Albert is a very emotional young man yet he is wise and sensible t heed his mother’s counsel, to desist from fighting the duel. When his own mother convinces him of his father’s guilt he not only decides not to fight the duel, but also apologizes to him, for challenging him to a duel. He is bold and does not feel ashamed, in asking Monte Cristo’s forgiveness. He is brave and forth right and tells his father, about his guilt and that he should face his enemy.

A Dutiful Son

Albert is a dutiful and an affectionate son. He loves his mother and is very respectful to her. But his only blemish is that, he shows disrespect to his father, when he learns that his father is the villain of the piece. He refuses to embrace his father and accept his blessings. This is in very bad taste. As a sensible and dutiful son, he should have stood by his father. Apart from this, Albert impresses the readers with his strong sense of justice and honour and love for his country.