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Class XI, ENGLISH, Character, "The Countess of Morcerf"


The Countess of Morcerf is a beautiful lady, with a bewitching personality. She is lie a breath of fresh air, in the play The Count’s Revenge. Twenty years ago, she lived in Marseilles and was bethroted to Edmond Dantes. She was then known as Mercedes, an extremely charming lady. She is adored and admired by all. She enchanted every one, who came into contact with her. So ravishingly beautiful was she.

A Victim Of A Conspiracy

It is her beauty, which resulted in her undoing, so to speak. While it was known to all and sundry, that she was to be married to Edmond Dantes A fisherman, named Fernand Mondego, also desired to marry her. Fernand Mondego, though a friend of Edmond Dantes, hatched a most diabolic plot, whereby he got Edmond condemned as a traitor and a spy to the exiled Buonaparte. Thus he eliminated Edmond from the scene and tricked Mercedes into marrying her.

Tricked Into Marrying Fernand Mondego

The cunning Fernand Mondego convinced Mercedes by giving her false evidence that Edmond Dantes had died in Prison. Then he gradually gains her confidence by sympathy with her. In this way, Fernand Mondego succeeds in marrying he. Although fate ill treats Mercedes, it goes to her credit that she remains loyal wife to her villainous husband, Fernand Mondego.

As A Loving Mother

She dearly loved her son, Albert. When she learns that Albert has challenged Monte Cristo, to a duel, she is deeply concerned, for the safety of her son. She does what any mother would have done, under the circumstances. She visits Monte Cristo, under the cover of darkness and begs of him, to spare the life of her only son. Monte Cristo yields to her request and promises not to kill Albert.

Mercedes Confides To Her Son

Then Mercedes, now known as the Countess of Morcerf, confides into her son, Albert and tells him how she had begged of Monte Cristo, to spare his life. She then requests him not to fight the duel. She then discloses to Albert the villainy of his father, the Count of Morcerf. How he got Monte Cristo labelled as a spy and got him imprisoned for twenty years, although he was absolutely innocent. How Morcerf cheated her into marrying him and how he ill treated and tortured her.

Duel Averted

Albert after learning about the misdeed of his father resolves not to fight the duel. Not only this he apologizes to Monte Cristo and becomes his friend. Thus, the Countess plays a very important role in averting the duel and saving Albert’s life.

A Woman of Great Qualities

The Countess is a woman of great qualities. She is kind and affectionate. She is devoted mother and loves her son dearly. As a wife too, she is faithful to the evil Morcerf, till she learns from Monte Cristo that she got cheated by Morcerf, into marrying him. The only blot on her otherwise chaste and pure character, is her desertion of her husband, towards the end of the play.

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