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Class XII, ENGLISH, Poems, Summary, "Ulysses"


Introduction of the Poet
Lord Alfred Tennyson occupies a very important and prominent position in the domain of English Literature. He is the representative poet of Victorian era. He is a prolific poet and has composed a number of poems. Tennyson’s poetry is rich in imagery as that of keats but it lacks the romantic fine of Words Worth and Coleridge.
Introduction of the Poem
Ulysses is a long, magnificent, symbolical and moral boosting poem. The poem is written in the dramatic monologues of the powerful blank verse and tells the story of the most prudent and bravest of the Greek heroes, Ulysses of Homer’s Odyssey. He is the symbol of adventurous spirit, indomitable courage, inexhaustible zeal; unflinching faith; unshakable determination and unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Ulysses wants to set out on a journey of discovery because he believes that it is not too late to find a New World.
Ulysses was a Greek hero and the King of Ithaca. He had spent most of his life in voyages and was always filled with the spirit of ventures and courage. His life was based on the principle of struggle and courage.
In this speech, Ulysses pays high tribute to his mariners who laboured and worked with him. He reminded them of the past endeavors and motivated them to get prepared for another voyage. Ulysses believed that struggle should continue as long as they lived. They had to prove their eagerness, enthusiasm and the ability to fight even with deities Ulysses invited his sailors to set off for another voyage in the hope of discovering new land in the far west. He was conscious of the dangers and hazards involved in such an exploitation but he was prepared to meet all the challenges.
Ulysses admitted that with the passage of time, the major part of their lives and much of their energies have been used up and they had grown weaker. But their determination was as strong as ever and they do not find them selves lacking in strength and vitality. They find themselves still a force to reckon with. They are always bent upon making ceaseless efforts to discover new lands, and under no circumstances, giving up their struggle until ultimate success is achieved.
“Struggle is the father of all things … it is not by the principles of humanity that man lives or is able to preserve himself above the animal world, but solely by means of the most brutal struggle.”
- Adolf Hitler

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