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Class XII, ENGLISH, Poems, Summary, "An Essay on Man"

An Essay on Man

The poem entitled An Essay on Man is composed by a prominent English poet Alexander Pope. He has discussed in his typical style, the nature, conduct and destiny of Man..
“The Proper study of Mankind is Man.”
- Pope

In the opening lines of the poem, Pope says that God has concealed future and fate from all creatures. They are absolutely unaware of the forth-coming event. God has hidden from animals what he has given to man and from man what he has given to the angles, otherwise, it would be impossible to live here in, God has given to his creatures only what they can afford to know.
The lamb does not know that it is going to be sacrificed. Would it know, it would not skip and play. Man knows that the lamb is going to be sacrificed and he can afford this knowledge but the lamb can not. Pleased to the last it licks the hand, which is going to shed its blood. The poet says that God remains indifferent to the day to day happenings and rise or fall of human beings. Ion his eyes, the death or decline of a great hero or the death of a tiny bird are incidents of similar significance. Since God prefers none to none there is no possibility of any injustice from God. What ever is given is nothing but in our interest. So we should hope and wait the great teacher Death and pray to God.
Hope soars high with flattering wings. We should uphold the banner of hope and thankful to God for this gift of unawareness. In the concluding lines of the poem, Pope gives his vies on the condition of human soul and the role of hope in human life. He says that hope never deserts human beings. It remains alive and active in human heart forever.
It is hope, which inspires human beings to keep striving and moving ahead. Man is never contented with his present condition and circumstances. He always hopes and struggles to get into a better position. The light of hope gives courage and will to work to the moral beings.
About human soul, the poet remarks that it never enjoys a moment of real joy and peace in this world. It is constantly restless, disturbed and far from its real and eternal home. The eternal abode of human soul is Heaven. It aspires to liberate itself from the material cage of human body and go back to its original and final home. Human soul hopes to live there permanently enjoying peace comfort freedom and happiness.
“When all else is lost, Future still remains.”
- Bovee

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