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Class XII, ENGLISH, Poems, Summary, "The Man of Life Upright"

The Man of Life Upright

Thomas Campion was a prominent scholar, poet and musician of his time. Man of Life Upright is simple in expression but it contains depth of thought and feeling. The poem present the concept of an ideal personality, leading a highly disciplined and controlled life. He is master of himself.
The pure and innocent heart of an upright man is free from evil ideas and intentions. He passes his life in simple happiness. He has perfect control over his wishes and emotions. As a result, worldly loss and problems fail to disturb him.
He is confident and brave. He does not count on power or material resources. In a battle he depends upon God and seeks help from him. He does not have strong forts, weapons of war or secret cellars for his safety.
This man faces the natural calamities such as stormy winds, heavy rains and tempest calmly and courageously. His faith in God remains firm and unshaken.
“Faith is the force of Life.”
- Tolstoy

The poet says that this main shows complete indifference to the happy and unhappy events of Life. He is aware of that all wordly things and events are temporary and worthless. He seeks knowledge from the heavenly books and study of the objects of Nature adds to his wisdom and refines his intellect.
Compion says that the main of upright life considers the world a place for brief stay. It no more than an inn, without any glamour or charm. He believes that his good deeds are his only assets and earning. When called upon by God, he will have to embark on the journey to the next and eternal world.
“It matters not how long we live, but how we live.”
- Bailey

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