Thursday, July 26, 2012

Class XI, Principles of Economics, "Comparison of Marshall’s and Robbins Definitions of Economics"

After comparing the two definitions of economics given by two eminent economists the following differentiating points have come forward: Marshal was of the view that economics is a study of mans action in the ordinary business of life. In other words he wants to study economics, all those activities which are directly related to wealth. Robbins on the other hand regards economics as the study of economic aspect of all human activities. Marshal’s definition is quite materialistic .he has restricted economics to a study of human behavior related to wealth. Robbins on the other hand takes in to account the human behavior related to scarce means.
Marshal’s definition is classificatory. It classifies human activities in to economic activities and non-economic activities. Robbins definition on the other hand is analytical.
Marshal’s definition includes the economic activities of only those persons who member of society. Robbins definition includes the activities of social human beings only as far as they are concerned with wealth. Robbins definition is study of every human behavior, which is related to scar means.

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