Friday, October 19, 2012

Class XII, ENGLISH, Summary, "The World As I See It"

The World As I See It

The World as I See It is an interesting essay in which Albert Einstein has expressed his personal views about the purpose and ideals of life; democracy and dictatorship; war and peace; mystery and religion.
Albert Einstein is one of the most famous scientists and the greatest mathematical physicist of the current century. However, in this chapter, he gives us his views not about science but about the world as he sees and understands it.
There are several things that Einstein mentions in this connection. Firstly, Einstein tries to find out the purpose of the existence of human beings and giving an answer. He feels that we human beings are created for each other and we are dependent on each other.
Einstein goes on to declare that he does not believe in class differences. Einstein also declares that he believes in simple living and a simple way of life. Next, he expresses his opinion regarding freedom. Einstein declares that he definitely believes in freedom but he does not believe in unlimited freedom because according to Einstein unlimited freedom is not possible, freedom has to be limited.
Further, Einstein goes on to talk about his ideas and goals in life. These are for three in number truth, goodness and beauty. Einstein says that friendship should be made only with like-minded people. Einstein at time prefers to be alone so that he can think well. Einstein now moves to another factor and that is the system of Government. According to Einstein democracy if practiced correctly, is the best for of Government for any country. While talking about Governments, he goes on to declare that he is totally against war and he has always favoured peace.
He goes on to say that he loves to solve the mysteries of the Universe. As such he was fond of solving all mysteries. In the end, Einstein is very grateful for the fact that he is still living and that he is trying to contribute in solving the mysteries of this Universe.
“This life which seems so fair, is like a bubble blown up in air.”

After the study of this thought-provoking essay, we come to the conclusion that Einstein is really a great man. He has profound love for humanity. He is a genius and has philosophical bend of mind. In short, we can say that Einstein is a man of keen observation, great wisdom, deep insight and profound knowledge.

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