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Class XII, ENGLISH, Summary, "Pakistan and the Modern World"

Pakistan and the Modern World

After the creation of Pakistan in the year 1950, Mr Liaquat Ali Khan went on an official tour of the United States of America. His mission was to introduce to the Americans the newly formed country of Pakistan, to tell the Americans all about Pakistan and to bring the two countries close together. This chapter Pakistan and the Modern World, actually is the explanation of Liaquat Ali Khan’s speech at the Kansas city, while he was thanking them for the degree bestowed on him..
While Mr.Liaquat Ali Khan was in the United States of America, on this trip the University of Kansas City awarded him an honorary degree for his services rendered to his country.
As far as the contents of the speech are concerned, these are what that makes the speech all important and interesting. Mr. Liaquat Ali begins by thanking the administration of the University of Kansas City and tells them that he will talk about Pakistan in his speech because his mission is to make the Americans familiar with the history and origin of Pakistan. Mr. Liaquat Ali then goes on to say that there are similarities between the fight for independence that the Muslims waged against the British and the fight that the Americans put up for their independence. Thus there are similarities between fight for Indians and Muslims and Americans.
After that Liaquat Ali goes on to explain as to why the Muslims wanted a separate homeland and the Muslims of Indian Sub-Continent were not willing to line with Hindus. There are religious, economic and social differences between the Hindus and the Muslims. Further more, Mr. Liaquat Ali goes on to say that many people did not agree to the partition of India. However, later on they realize that the creation of Pakistan has made the Asian Continent more stable, also Mr. Liaquat Ali goes on to explain what advantages the creation of Pakistan has brought about in the region. According to Mr. Liaquat Ali whereas in other countries there is backwardness, inner confusion, discontentment, religious difference but in Pakistan there is no internal struggle, no religions difference and there is democracy in the country. Mr. Liaquat Ali Khan then praises the Pakistani nation and declares that when Pakistan was created there was no proper government, no money and no security, but it was due to the hard work and unity of Pakistani nation that we managed not only to survive but also to progress.
Mr. Liaquat Ali Khan makes yet another point while introducing Pakistan to the Americans, he declares that even the Pakistani people have duties to fulfill towards their country, the duty of each Pakistani is to guard and protect his freedom and the freedom of his country. After that Mr. Liaquat goes on to make a very very important point. He declares that in order to progress we must have strong faith in our religion and at the same time we must accept scientific technology and progress. Then Mr. Liaquat Ali goes on to suggest that we must stay away from war and we must follow the progress of the West and take from the West what we considered to be good.
Finally, he requests to the Americans to help Pakistan on the path of progress and the United States could do that be lending its fund of knowledge and progress to backward Pakistani nation. Mr. Liaquat Ali Khan ends the speech on an optimistic and hopeful note wanting Pakistan and United States to be friends for all times to come.

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