Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Class XII, ENGLISH, Essay, "Memorable Day in My Life"

Memorable Day in My Life

It was the 27th day of July and the last day of competition I had participated in the All Pakistan Software competition. I read the advertisement in the newspaper three months ago, in which software programmers were invited to send in their software for the competition. I worked hard for about one month and made the software, which was then selected by the panel of judges and I was invited to participate in the event. Now, after three restless days, the event was coming to an end. But, there was a closing ceremony to come, in which the best programmers were to be awarded prizes.
I had been waiting for the day with anxiety and curiosity. I got up early in the morning and prayed to God to grant me success. I was rather uneasy and restless. My mind was swinging between expectation and apprehension. It was an inexplicable situation of uneasiness and anticipation. I was not sure about what to expect. My parents and friends had high expectations of me. At one moment, I though that I would win but again I feared if I do not. I knew that there is always an element of chance, how good one may be. I was in a very disturbed state of mind.
The closing ceremony was yet to commence. The sand of time was running out. I was getting more and more restless. At last, I reached the exhibition hall and found my seat amidst the participants. The ceremony started with the speech of the organizing committee and then that of the chief guest. They all emphasized on the importance of software development in the country and measures for its promotions. Finally, the judges were invited to the dais to announce the best programmers of the competition. At once, absolute silence covered the audience. At the moment, I still remember that my legs were trembling and heart throbbing. In less than a minute, the judge announced the name of the person who had won First Prize in the big event – and that was me! I was filled with a feeling of greatest joy and excitement. I thanked God and ran to the stage with every body congratulating me. The chief Guest handed me the winning shield. I was requested to express a few words about my success. That was a speechless moment. Filled with emotions and in high spirits, I thanked God, my parents and all my friends who had helped me in my achievement.
When I reached home, my parents were exhilarated with delight and joy as I gave them the good news. My siblings rejoiced my remarkable attainment. When I informed my friends and relatives them came to congratulate me. Tea and sweets were served to all. Every body was in a jolly and happy mood. My mother prepared pleasant edibles for lunch and we dined altogether. Never before was I so happy.
In the evening, many other relatives and friends came to congratulate me. My father welcomed them cordially and thanked them for their kind visits. We passed the whole day cheerfully. In fact, it was the happiest day of my life, which I shall remember for many years to come.

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